2015. október 24., szombat

Look like Me

It was late, very late at night in DC. I had just finished setting up for Mabon, and was getting ready for the opening blessing. My girlfriend was in the other room, working on her video game. She usually helped with the prep ritual, but she was deep into her designing, almost done in fact, so I didn’t bother to disturb her. She was really excited for this game, and was going to be sending it off to a couple YouTube game stars once it was done. I had helped her contact Markiplier, Pewdiepie, danandphilgames, and smosh. I had also contacted Natewantstobattle. Yeah, he was mainly a singer, a PokeTuber and a less well known YouTuber compared to the others I just messaged, but I like his videos and thought he’d enjoy the game.They’d all seemed interested and agreed, seeing as it was free for them completely. Shaking my head, I cleared my head and sat down, getting ready to start the ritual. Now, I’m not going to explain the exact ritual, as it is a private one that my girlfriend and I made just for us for Mabon. However, since this Sabbat is a thankfulness and reflection holiday (Kinda like the American thanksgiving), I will say that it involves a lot of offerings and praying to both the god and goddess. The ritual itself took about fifteen minutes from start to finish, and after I felt really relaxed. Still, something felt, odd, about the circle closing.
My energy still seemed to be connected to something and it was harder to shut it down than normal. “strange…” I shook my head and decided not to worry about it at the moment, instead focusing on cleaning up the mess from the ritual. Just as I finished scrubbing the incense bowl, which likes to hang on to bloody ash really tight, I heard an excited yell from the office. Five seconds later, my excitable girlfriend came running out the office and nearly knocked my over in her excitement. “Yes Jordan?” I asked, hugging her and raising an amused eyebrow, “What warranted such a huge glomp?” She was touchy-feely, but rarely did this. “I finished! Danielle, I’m done!” She squealed, squeezing tightly. It took me a moment to realize what she meant. “really?! Show me!” I all but demanded, and got dragged into our bedroom by a very excited Jordan. She all but pushed me down into a chair, making me laugh. “woah, slow down darlin! We still have stuff we got to do!” She pouted at me a bit, but nodded. “Okay, but let me at least show you the screen~!” I thought for a moment, then nodded, to her delight.
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